first comes love, then comes baby, then comes…what, exactly?


This is what Melanie, creator of VocationElle, endlessly wondered after having her daughter, Vivian. Issues around identity and sense of self consumed much of her free time as she navigated motherhood and tried to integrate her new life with her old.

What she discovered, contrary to much of societal belief, is that being a working mom gave her purpose and reward similarly to that of raising her daughter.

It was with that realization that this site was born.

VocationElle is a blog dedicated to re-defining the millennial working mom (MWM). It strives to engage and inspire other like-minded women with how to be a boss lady in career and home life while maintaining one’s pre-baby identity and interests.

So whether you’re looking for career advice, how to balance baby and work, or wanting to know what wine to serve at your next dinner party, you’ve come to the right place.

Join the movement and community to share the struggles, joy, and journey of being a MWM.


Meet Melanie

Melanie got her editorial start with internships at both Lucky Magazine and StyleCaster,
before freelancing for other online publications. Needless to say, she has developed quite the beauty product obsession!

She now works in the corporate world, but has always maintained her creative pursuits.

She lives with her husband (David), their daughter (Vivian) and French bulldog (Hugo).

When not working you can find Melanie trying out new recipes in the kitchen, enjoying a glass of wine, and soaking up sweet baby giggles.